Male Pattern Baldness in Relation to Prostate Cancer–Specific Mortality: A Prospective Analysis in the NHANES I Epidemiologic Follow-up Study

    January 2016 in “American Journal of Epidemiology
    Cindy Ke Zhou, Paul H. Levine, Sean D. Cleary, Heather J. Hoffman, Barry I. Graubard, Michael B. Cook
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    TLDR Men with male pattern baldness have a higher risk of dying from prostate cancer.
    The study analyzed data from 4,316 men over a median follow-up period of 21 years and found that male pattern baldness was associated with a significantly increased risk of prostate cancer-specific mortality. Any degree of baldness was linked to a 56% higher risk, while moderate baldness was associated with an 83% higher risk of fatal prostate cancer. The study did not find a significant link between baldness and all-cause mortality. These results suggest a potential shared pathophysiology between male pattern baldness and prostate cancer, but baldness should not be used as a criterion for prostate cancer screening. Further research is needed to confirm these findings and assess any additional predictive value.
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