Live imaging of stem cell and progeny behaviour in physiological hair-follicle regeneration

    July 2012 in “Nature
    Panteleimon Rompolas, Elizabeth R. Deschene, Giovanni Battista Zito, David Gonzalez, Ichiko Saotome, Ann M. Haberman, Valentina Greco
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    TLDR Hair regeneration needs dynamic cell behavior and mesenchyme presence for stem cell activation.
    This study used live imaging to observe the behavior of stem cells and their progeny during hair follicle regeneration in mice. The researchers found that hair regeneration involves dynamic cellular behaviors and relies on the presence of the mesenchyme. Ablation of the mesenchymal dermal papilla resulted in impaired hair follicle growth, indicating the importance of epithelial-mesenchymal interactions for stem cell activation and regeneration. The study's findings may be relevant to other tissues and could advance the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine.
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