Generation of iPS Cells from Human Hair Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells

    January 2014 in “ PubMed
    I. A. Muchkaeva, Erdem Dashinimaev, Alexander Artyuhov, E. P. Myagkova, E. A. Vorotelyak, Yegor Yegorov, Khava S. Vishnyakova, I. E. Kravchenko, П. М. Чумаков, В. В. Терских, Andrei Vasiliev
    TLDR Researchers made stem cells from human hair follicle cells with better efficiency than from skin cells.
    In 2014, scientists successfully transformed human hair follicle dermal papilla cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iDP cells) using lentiviral transfection and valproic acid. The reprogramming efficiency was approximately 0.03%, higher than the efficiency of dermal fibroblast reprogramming under the same conditions. The reprogrammed cells expressed pluripotency transcription factors and surface antigens, and demonstrated similar growth kinetics to ES cell clones. They were also able to differentiate into various cell types, including osteoblasts, hepatocytes, and neurons, under laboratory conditions. The study suggested that specific culturing conditions, such as low oxygen content and valproic acid supplementation, might have positively influenced the reprogramming efficiency.
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