In vivoandIn vitrohair growth promotion effects of extract fromGlycine soja Siebold et Zucc

    Jīng Yáng, Bo Ae Kim
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    TLDR Glycine soja extract stimulates hair growth and could help treat hair loss.
    The study conducted 7 years ago investigated the effects of Glycine soja Siebold et Zucc (GSSZ) extracts on hair growth. The research found that GSSZ extracts did not exhibit cytotoxicity on keratinocytes, even at high concentrations. The extracts also increased the proliferation of dermal papilla cells, suggesting a dose-dependent increase. In vivo experiments on C57bl/6N mice showed that GSSZ extracts promoted hair growth, with hair lengths similar to those observed in the group treated with minoxidil, a common hair growth promoting solution. Histological analysis revealed increased follicular cell growth in the group treated with GSSZ extracts. The study concluded that GSSZ extracts stimulate follicle growth, promote hair growth, and increase the activity of hair growth-related cells, suggesting potential usefulness in the treatment of alopecia.
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