Impairment of autophagy may be associated with follicular miniaturization in androgenetic alopecia by inducing premature catagen

    March 2021 in “Journal of Dermatology
    Wei-Wen Liu, Kaitao Li, Gaofeng Wang, Lunan Yang, Qian Qu, Zhiqi Hu, Yang-Kook Sun, Junfei Huang, Yong Miao
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    TLDR Impaired autophagy may cause hair loss by triggering early catagen.
    Impaired autophagy may be associated with hair loss in androgenetic alopecia by causing premature catagen, leading to the degradation of hair follicles and the transformation of terminal hairs into vellus. The study proposes targeting autophagy as a potential treatment for this condition. Autophagy-related proteins were found to be reduced in balding scalp, and inhibiting autophagy led to reduced hair growth. However, more research is needed to fully comprehend this link and develop effective treatments.
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