Hair Follicle Regeneration by Transplantation of a Bioengineered Hair Follicle Germ

    January 2016 in “ Methods in molecular biology
    Katsunari Tezuka, Koh-ei Toyoshima, Takashi Tsuji
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    TLDR Scientists have developed a new method using stem cells to grow and transplant hair follicles, which could be useful for hair regeneration treatments.
    The document from 2015 describes a novel bioengineering technique called the Organ Germ Method, which uses three-dimensional stem cell culture to regenerate various organs and reproduce embryonic organogenesis. The method was applied to hair follicle germ reconstitution using adult follicle-derived epithelial stem cells and dermal papilla cells. The bioengineered hair follicle germ was then transplanted intracutaneously. This protocol was suggested to be useful for clinical studies of hair regeneration, as well as for studies of stem cell biology and organogenesis.
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