Fine mapping of the human AR/EDA2R locus in androgenetic alopecia

    April 2010 in “ British Journal of Dermatology
    Felix F. Brockschmidt, Axel M. Hillmer, Sibylle Eigelshoven, Sandra Hanneken, Stefanie Heilmann, Stefan Barth, Christoph Herold, Thomas Becker, Rudolf Kruse, Markus M. Nöthen
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    TLDR Genetic marker rs12558842 strongly linked to male hair loss.
    The study aimed to identify genetic markers associated with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) in German men. The study included 673 affected men and 248 unaffected controls. The strongest association was found for rs12558842, located upstream of EDA2R and AR genes, with an odds ratio of 7.84. The association of the nonsynonymous rs1385699 in EDA2R was weaker than that observed for rs12558842. Stratification analysis revealed that rs12558842 alone explains the association signal observed at this locus. The study did not find evidence that the previously reported variants rs6152 and the GGN repeat cause an increased risk for AGA.
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