Finasteride use in the male infertility population: effects on semen and hormone parameters

    December 2013 in “ Fertility and Sterility
    Mary K. Samplaski, Kirk C. Lo, Ethan D. Grober, Keith Jarvi
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    TLDR Finasteride can reduce fertility in some men, but stopping it increases sperm count.
    This document is a summary of a study that looked at the effects of finasteride on semen and hormone parameters in infertile men. The study found that low-dose finasteride negatively affects fertility in some men, particularly those with preexisting conditions related to infertility. The discontinuation of finasteride treatment resulted in a significant increase in sperm count, with the most notable increase seen in men with severe oligospermia at initial assessment. The study suggests that finasteride should be discontinued in infertile men with oligospermia or azoospermia, even at low doses, and caution should be exercised when these drugs are given to men of reproductive age who desire fertility.
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