Experimental, Molecular Docking Investigations and Bioavailability Study on the Inclusion Complexes of Finasteride and Cyclodextrins

    Fatma M. Mady, Usama Farghaly Aly
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    TLDR Cyclodextrins improve finasteride's solubility and bioavailability for hair loss treatment.
    This document reports on a study investigating the use of cyclodextrins to improve the solubility and bioavailability of finasteride, a drug used to treat hair loss. The study found that the inclusion complexes of finasteride and cyclodextrins had improved solubility and dissolution rates compared to the raw drug. The study suggests that the use of cyclodextrins could enhance the bioavailability of finasteride. The study involved various analyses, including X-ray diffraction, DSC analysis, molecular docking studies, dissolution rate studies, and pharmacokinetic studies in rabbits.
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