Efficacy of autologous dermal sheath cup cell transplantation in male and female pattern hair loss: A Single‐Arm, Multi‐Center, phase III equivalent clinical study

    September 2023 in “The Journal of Dermatology
    Kazutoshi Harada, Manabu Ohyama, Shiro Niiyama, Ryokichi Irisawa, Kenichiro Mae, Miho Mori, Hiroko Wakimoto, Misaki Kinoshita‐Ise, Masafumi Fukuyama, Reina Hayakawa, Masaya Takagi, Mitsuaki Yamazaki, Mami Miyoshi, Saori Nishikawa, Seiji Sato, Yosuke Nakazawa, Takeshi Sugimoto, Masashi Ogo, Ryoji Tsuboi
    TLDR Transplanting one's own hair follicle cells can improve hair loss in men and women, and is particularly effective in women.
    The phase III equivalent clinical study conducted by Kazutoshi Harada and colleagues investigated the therapeutic potential of autologous dermal sheath cup cell transplantation in treating male and female pattern hair loss (PHL). The study involved 36 participants who received injections of dermal sheath cup cells harvested from non-affected occipital hair follicles twice in quarterly intervals. The results showed that 30% of the participants exhibited improvement based on global photographic assessment. Phototrichogram data analysis revealed increases in cumulative hair diameter, hair cross-sectional area, and mean hair diameter. The study found that female participants and those with a high terminal hair ratio showed better improvement. Overall, 62.9% of the participants reported some degree of improvement. The study did not detect any serious adverse events, indicating the safety of the procedure. The authors concluded that this novel approach could be a promising therapeutic option for treating PHL, especially in women.
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