dsRNA Released by Tissue Damage Activates TLR3 to Drive Skin Regeneration

    August 2015 in “Cell Stem Cell
    Amanda M. Nelson, Sashank K. Reddy, Tabetha S. Ratliff, M. Zulfiquer Hossain, Adiya S. Katseff, Amadeus S. Zhu, Emily Chang, Sydney R. Resnik, Carly Page, Dong-Won Kim, Alexander J. Whittam, Lloyd S. Miller, Luis A. Garza
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    TLDR Damage to skin releases dsRNA, which activates TLR3 and helps in skin and hair follicle regeneration.
    In 2015, researchers investigated the role of dsRNA and TLR3 in skin and hair follicle regeneration. They discovered that dsRNA, released from damaged skin, activates TLR3 and its downstream effectors IL-6 and STAT3, promoting hair follicle regeneration. Without TLR3, IL-6Ra, or Stat3, hair neogenesis after wounding was reduced. TLR3 activation also promoted the expression of hair follicle stem cell markers and induced elements of the core hair morphogenetic program. The study concluded that dsRNA and TLR3 link skin wounding to regeneration, suggesting potential therapeutic approaches for promoting hair neogenesis.
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