Reduction of Telogen Rate and Increase of Hair Density in Androgenetic Alopecia by a Cosmetic Product: Results of a Randomized, Prospective, Vehicle-Controlled Double-Blind Study in Men

    March 2022 in “ Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
    Julia Welzel, Helmut H. Wolff, Wolfgang Gehring
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    TLDR Cosmetic foam product reduces hair loss and increases hair density in men.
    A randomized, prospective, vehicle-controlled double-blind study found that a cosmetic foam product containing polyphenols, NHE, zinc salt, glycine, and caffeine was effective in reducing the telogen rate and increasing hair density in men with androgenetic alopecia. The study had 60 male participants, and the foam was applied twice daily for 6 months. The results showed a significant improvement in the verum group compared to the vehicle group, with no adverse effects reported. This suggests that cosmetic intervention can benefit male pattern hair loss.
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