“Cold” X5 Hairlaser™ used to treat male androgenic alopecia and hair growth: an uncontrolled pilot study

    February 2014 in “ BMC Research Notes
    Kenneth Blum, David K. Han, Margaret A. Madigan, Raquel Lohmann, Eric R. Braverman
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    TLDR The X5 Hairlaser might help treat male hair loss, but more research is needed.
    In 2014, an uncontrolled pilot study investigated the efficacy of the X5 Hairlaser™ device for treating male androgenic alopecia (AGA) in 48 subjects over a 26-week period. The study initially enrolled 119 participants, but due to issues with the sham control device, only the 70 who received the actual treatment were focused on, and of those, 48 completed all visits. The results showed a statistically significant increase in mean hair counts from baseline to the end of the study (p-value <0.0001), with no significant association found between hair growth and variables such as Fitzpatrick skin type or age group. The study concluded that the X5 Hairlaser device could potentially be effective for treating male AGA, but the lack of a control group and high variability in results indicated the need for further research. No severe adverse events were reported during the study. The trial was registered under NCT02067260.
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