Biological characterization of cultured dermal papilla cells and hair follicle regeneration in vitro and in vivo

    February 2006 in “ Chinese Medical Journal
    Zhong-Fa Lu, Sui-Qing Cai, Jinjin Wu, Min Zheng
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    TLDR Cultured dermal papilla cells can regenerate hair follicles and sustain hair growth.
    This study from 2006 investigated the potential of dermal papilla cells (DPC) for hair follicle regeneration. The researchers found that the expression of certain cytokines in DPC was correlated with their ability to induce hair follicle regeneration. They also observed the formation of hair follicle-like structures in organotypic cultures of DPC and hair follicle epithelium cells, which were implanted into nude mice. The study concluded that cultured DPC can induce hair follicle regeneration and sustain hair growth in vivo and in vitro.
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