Alopecia Areata Treated With Topical Minoxidil

    April 1984 in “ Archives of Dermatology
    Virginia C. Weiss, Dennis P. West, T. Fu, Lisa A. Robinson, Brian J. Cook, Rhonna L. Cohen, Donald A. Chambers
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    TLDR Minoxidil can help regrow hair in alopecia areata patients.
    In 1984, a study was conducted to test the safety and efficacy of a 1% minoxidil topical solution in treating alopecia areata. The study included 48 patients, 25 of whom experienced terminal hair regrowth after two months of treatment. The study suggests that minoxidil therapy might stimulate hair growth through effects on cutaneous blood flow or the immune system or some direct effect on hair follicles. The study concluded that topical minoxidil may be an effective treatment for AA.
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