The effect of CD34+ cell-containing autologous platelet-rich plasma injection on pattern hair loss: a preliminary study

    J. H. Kang, Z. P. Zheng, M. Y. Choi, Si Hyeock Lee, Dong-Hyun Kim, S. W. Cho
    TLDR Injecting CD34+ cell-containing platelet-rich plasma into the scalp can improve hair count and thickness in people with pattern hair loss.
    In a study conducted 9 years ago, researchers investigated the clinical efficacy of interfollicular injection of CD34+ cell-containing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) preparation for pattern hair loss. The study involved 13 patients who received the PRP treatment and 13 patients who were treated with interfollicular placental extract injection as a control. Three months after the first treatment, patients showed clinical improvement in the mean number of hairs (20.5 ± 17.0%), mean hair thickness (31.3 ± 30.1%), and mean two-point score (84.4 ± 51.7%) compared with baseline values. At 6 months, further improvements were observed in mean hair count (29.2 ± 17.8%), mean hair thickness (46.4 ± 37.5%), and mean two-point score (121.3 ± 66.8%) compared with baseline. The study concluded that the interfollicular injection of autologous CD34+ cell-containing PRP preparation has a positive therapeutic effect on male and female pattern hair loss without significant major side-effects.
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