Study on Kesha Shareera with Special Reference to Male Pattern Baldness in Relation to Daihika Prakruti

    Manohar Ananda Shetty, Sanjeevkumar Jyoteppa, Bhosgikar Anup, Ashwinikumar Waghmare, Hiremath Sapana
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    TLDR Certain Prakruti types are more prone to early male pattern baldness.
    The study explores the relationship between Prakruti (inherent constitution) and male pattern baldness (Khalitya) in Ayurveda, using the Hamilton Norwood scale for assessment. It highlights that Ayurveda, a holistic medical system, attributes hair loss to the imbalance of Pitta and Vata doshas affecting hair roots, and subsequent obstruction by Shleshma and Shonita. The study aims to determine which Prakruti types are more prone to early onset of male pattern baldness, considering the impact of modern lifestyle and chemical hair products on hair health and psychological well-being.
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