Scrotal Rejuvenation

    March 2018 in “ Cureus
    Philip R. Cohen
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    TLDR Scrotal rejuvenation treats aging-related changes in men's scrotum using methods like medication, hair transplantation, and surgery.
    The document from 5 years ago discussed the concept of scrotal rejuvenation, focusing on the changes that occur in the scrotum as men age, such as laxity, alopecia, hypertrichosis, wrinkling, and angiokeratomas. It highlighted potential treatments for these conditions, including topical minoxidil and oral finasteride for scrotal alopecia, depilatories and electrolysis for hypertrichosis, and surgical intervention for scrotal laxity. The paper also suggested potential treatments like hair transplantation for scrotal alopecia and botulinum toxin injections for scrotal wrinkling. The document introduced the term 'scrotal rejuvenation' and predicted an increase in interest in this area as awareness of these conditions and their treatments grows.
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