Prevalence and types of androgenetic alopecia in Shanghai, China: a community-based study

    March 2009 in “British Journal of Dermatology
    Furong Xu, Y. Y. Sheng, Z. Mu, W. R. Lou, Jian Zhou, Yang Ren, S N Qi, X. F. Wang, Zheng Yi Fu, Qingwei Yang
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    TLDR Chinese men have lower AGA rates than Caucasians, with type III vertex most common; family history is important.
    A study conducted in Shanghai, China aimed to determine the prevalence and types of androgenetic alopecia (AGA) in the Chinese population. The study found that the prevalence of AGA in Chinese men was lower than in Caucasian men, and the most common type of AGA in Chinese men was type III vertex. The prevalence of female pattern alopecia in Chinese men with AGA was much lower than in Korean men. Family history plays an important role in the onset of AGA, and over one half of men and almost one third of women with AGA had a positive family history. The study provides important information on the prevalence and patterns of AGA in China.
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