Minoxidil therapy in children with severe hypertension

    May 1977 in “ The Journal of Pediatrics
    Paul S. Lietman, Alfred J. Pennisi, Masato Takahashi, Bram H. Bernstein, Bernhard H. Singsen, Christel H. Uittenbogaart, Robert B. Ettenger, Mohammad H. Malekzadeh, Virgil Hanson, Richard N. Fine
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    TLDR Minoxidil helps lower high blood pressure in kids, but can cause fluid retention and hair growth.
    The study investigated the use of minoxidil therapy in six children with severe hypertension. The results showed that minoxidil is an effective antihypertensive agent, but the major side effect was fluid retention. Hirsutism was also observed in some patients. The authors recommended that minoxidil therapy should be limited to children with severe hypertension resistant to conventional, oral antihypertensive medications.
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