Metabolic syndrome and skin: Psoriasis and beyond

    January 2013 in “Indian Journal of Dermatology
    Tanmay Padhi, Garima
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    TLDR Some skin conditions, like psoriasis and early-onset baldness, may indicate metabolic syndrome, and others are linked to diabetes risk and cardiovascular issues.
    The 2013 document "Metabolic syndrome and skin: Psoriasis and beyond" discussed the association between metabolic syndrome and various skin conditions, including psoriasis, androgenetic alopecia, acanthosis nigricans, skin tags, hidradenitis suppurativa, and lichen planus. Psoriasis and early-onset androgenetic alopecia were suggested to be markers of metabolic syndrome. Acanthosis nigricans was linked to high diabetes risk and insulin resistance, based on studies in Native Americans and an urban population in Sri Lanka. The presence of acanthosis nigricans in fifth-grade children was associated with metabolic syndrome. The document also suggested a role of adipoimmune in the growth of skin tags, which were linked to glucose/insulin metabolic alterations. Hidradenitis suppurativa was suggested as a potential precursor to metabolic syndrome, and an association was noted between metabolic risk factors and skin cancer, as well as cardiovascular risk factors and lichen planus. The document did not provide specific participant numbers in the referenced studies.
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