Medications and hair transplantation

    November 2009 in “Cambridge University Press eBooks
    Dow Stough, Brent R. Moody
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    TLDR Minoxidil and finasteride combined can effectively treat hair loss.
    This document from 2009 discusses the use of medications in combination with hair transplantation for the treatment of hair loss. Minoxidil is the most commonly used medication and is effective in both male and female pattern hair loss. Finasteride is also discussed as a potential treatment option, but its effectiveness in female pattern hair loss is uncertain. Other medications such as dutasteride, fluridil, ketoconazole, and systemic antiandrogens are also mentioned. The document emphasizes the importance of hair restoration surgeons being familiar with medical options for hair loss patients and recognizing when medical therapy is appropriate. Combination therapy with minoxidil and finasteride is recommended for motivated patients.
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