Dutasteride Improves Male Pattern Hair Loss in a Randomized Study in Identical Twins

    March 2007 in “ Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
    Dow Stough
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    TLDR Dutasteride helps slow hair loss and boosts hair growth.
    The study investigated the effectiveness of dutasteride in treating male pattern hair loss (MPHL) in identical twins. The study found that treatment with dutasteride slowed the progression of hair loss and enhanced hair growth compared to treatment with placebo. The study supports previously published trials showing that dutasteride significantly improves scalp hair growth based on assessments of standardized clinical photographs, hair count, and patients' assessments of their scalp hair. The validated patient self-assessment hair growth questionnaire demonstrated that treatment with dutasteride, in comparison to placebo, led to improvement in patients' scalp hair growth and increased satisfaction with the appearance of hair.
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