Hair growth promoting effects of adipose tissue-derived stem cells

    February 2010 in “Journal of Dermatological Science
    Chong Hyun Won, Hyeon Gyeong Yoo, Oh Sang Kwon, Mi Young Sung, Yong‐Kook Kang, Jin Ho Chung, Byung Soon Park, Jong Hwan Sung, Won Serk Kim, Kyu Han Kim
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    TLDR Fat tissue stem cells may help increase hair growth.
    The document from February 2010 presents a study on the effects of adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs) and their conditioned medium (ADSC-CM) on hair growth. In vitro experiments showed that ADSC-CM significantly increased the proliferation of human dermal papilla cells by up to 130% and activated key signaling pathways for cell growth. The study also found that ADSC-CM promoted the proliferation of keratinocytes and increased hair shaft elongation in human hair follicles. In vivo, the study involved 48 male mice treated with ADSCs or ADSC-CM, which resulted in stimulated hair growth and a 40% increase in hair follicle number, comparable to minoxidil treatment. The research suggests that ADSCs and ADSC-CM can enhance hair growth by increasing cell proliferation and activating the anagen phase of hair cycles, indicating their potential as a treatment for hair loss. The in vitro part of the study used cells from 5 female donors and hair follicles from 5 male volunteers, while the in vivo part used 48 male mice.
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