EZH2-Mediated Inhibition of MicroRNA-22 Promotes Differentiation of Hair Follicle Stem Cells by Elevating STK40 Expression

    July 2020 in “ Aging
    Bingjie Cai, Min Li, Yunpeng Zheng, Yakun Yin, Fulai Jin, Xuyang Li, Jun Dong, Xiaoyan Jiao, Xiaojun Liu, Kun Zhang, Dongqin Li, Junmin Wang, Guangwen Yin
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    TLDR The protein EZH2 blocks microRNA-22, increasing STK40 protein, which helps hair follicle stem cells change and grow hair.
    In 2020, researchers Bingjie Cai, Min Li, Yunpeng Zheng, and others conducted a study investigating the role of the protein EZH2 in hair follicle stem cell differentiation. They found that EZH2 inhibits microRNA-22, leading to an increase in the expression of STK40, a protein involved in cell differentiation. This process was found to be crucial for hair growth. The study also discovered that miR-22 inhibits the proliferation and differentiation of hair follicle stem cells by downregulating STK40 and suppressing MEF2-ALP activity. The findings were supported by various tests and suggested that manipulating these molecular pathways could potentially be used to treat hair loss conditions. However, the researchers noted that more detailed studies should be conducted for further exploration in the clinical setting.
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