Expression of androgen receptor coactivator ARA70/ELE1 in androgenic alopecia

    September 2005 in “Journal of Cutaneous Pathology
    Peng Lee, Changcheng Zhu, Neil S. Sadick, A. Hafeez Diwan, Peter G. Zhang, Jinsong Liu, Victor G. Prieto
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    TLDR The protein ARA70/ELE1 is involved in male pattern baldness, and lower levels of its short form may lead to hair thinning.
    The study examined the expression of ARA70/ELE1, a coactivator of the androgen receptor, in the scalp of seven men with androgenic alopecia. It found that ARA70/ELE1 is present in all epithelial hair structures except the inner root sheath, with the short form (ARA70B/ELE1ß) being expressed in the dermal papilla and hair bulb. Notably, expression of ARA70B/ELE1ß was weaker in the dermal papilla of balding areas. The results suggest that ARA70/ELE1 plays a role in androgenic alopecia and that the reduced expression of the short form, ARA70B/ELE1ß, may contribute to the hair follicle miniaturization seen in this condition.
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