Evaluation of the relationship between androgenetic alopecia and demodex infestation

    April 2008 in “ Indian Journal of Dermatology
    Javidi Zari, Fata Abdolmajid, Maleki Masood, Mashayekhi Vahid, Nahidi Yalda
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    TLDR There's no significant relationship between hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) and demodex infestation.
    This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and demodex infestation. AGA is a common hair loss disorder with various causes, and it is not always responsive to standard treatments. The researchers conducted a case-control study involving 41 AGA patients and 33 healthy individuals as controls. They found that Demodex infestation was detected in 19.5% of patients and 15.2% of controls, but the statistical analysis did not show a significant relationship between AGA and Demodex. Most patients had greasy hair, and the most common pattern of baldness was classified as II degree on the Hamilton scale. In conclusion, this study suggests that there is no relation between AGA and Demodex infestation.
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