Endogenous Human Skin Equivalent Promotes In Vitro Morphogenesis of Follicle-Like Structures

    September 2016 in “ Biomaterials
    Costantino Casale, Giorgia Imparato, Francesco Urciuolo, Paolo A. Netti
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    TLDR Endo-HSE helps grow hair-like structures from human skin cells in the lab.
    The study demonstrated that an endogenous human skin equivalent (Endo-HSE) could promote the in vitro morphogenesis of follicle-like structures using adult human skin cells. The Endo-HSE closely mimicked the morphology and functionality of natural human skin, including the presence of key markers of epidermal and hair follicle differentiation. The study highlighted the importance of the endogenous extracellular matrix in guiding tissue morphogenesis and suggested that the dermal compartment plays a crucial role in directing epithelial cell fate and function. These findings suggested that Endo-HSE could provide a physiological environment conducive to the preservation and differentiation of stem cells, potentially advancing skin and hair follicle regeneration research.
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