Efficacy of Topical Combination of 0.25% Finasteride and 3% Minoxidil Versus 3% Minoxidil Solution in Female Pattern Hair Loss: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Study

    Poonkiat Suchonwanit, Wimolsiri Iamsumang, Salinee Rojhirunsakool
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    TLDR Combination of 0.25% finasteride and 3% minoxidil works better than just 3% minoxidil for increasing hair thickness in women.
    A study conducted on 30 postmenopausal women with female pattern hair loss (FPHL) found that a topical combination of 0.25% finasteride and 3% minoxidil was significantly superior to 3% minoxidil solution in terms of increasing hair diameter. Both treatments led to increased hair counts over time, but there was no statistical difference between the two treatments. No serious side effects or sexual problems were reported, and serum dihydrotestosterone levels remained normal in both groups throughout the study. The study recommends further investigations with more participants, a longer duration, and different finasteride concentrations to evaluate clinical outcomes.
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