Dutasteride Nanocapsules for Hair Follicle Targeting: Effect of Chitosan-Coating and Physical Stimulus

    Camila Y. Ushirobira, Luana Alves Freitas Afiune, Maíra N. Pereira, Angel Concheiro, Tais Gratieri
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    TLDR Chitosan-coated dutasteride nanocapsules improve hair treatment, and physical stimulation boosts effectiveness.
    The study investigated the use of dutasteride nanocapsules for targeted hair follicle treatment. Chitosan-coating was found to enhance drug delivery and provide controlled drug release, while physical stimulus significantly improved nanoparticles accumulation into the follicular shaft. The study demonstrated that dutasteride nanocapsules can target the follicular casts, and a simple physical stimulation can enhance the drug amount accumulated.
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