A Clinical Study of Androgenetic Alopecia (III)

    January 2002 in “ Annals of Dermatology
    Joo Young Shim, Sung Tack Ro, Byung In Ro
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    TLDR Androgenetic alopecia, or hair loss, is most common in people in their 30s, can start early, is often inherited, and may be influenced by factors like hormones and scalp health.
    This study aimed to evaluate the family history, clinical and endocrine status of patients with androgenetic alopecia. The researchers examined 1,113 patients with androgenetic alopecia who visited the Department of Dermatology at Chung-Ang University over a three-year period. The results showed that the incidence of androgenetic alopecia among all alopecia patients was 64.5%, with a recent increase. The condition was most prevalent in the third decade of life for both males and females. Premature androgenetic alopecia was observed in a significant proportion of patients under 30 years old. The most common types of androgenetic alopecia differed between males and females. Family history of baldness was present in over 50% of first-degree relatives. Associated diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis and acne vulgaris, were observed in a significant number of patients. The study concluded that the age, genetic factors, localized effects of androgens on the scalp, and the density and/or functional activity of androgen receptors may influence the development of androgenetic alopecia.
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