Yellow Hair Following Sequential Application of Bacitracin Zinc and Selenium Sulfide: Report of Acquired Xanthotrichosis and Review of Yellow Hair Discoloration

    January 2016 in “ Dermatology online journal
    Catherine Crowley, Philip R. Cohen
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    TLDR Using bacitracin zinc and selenium sulfide one after the other can temporarily turn white hair yellow.
    A 77-year-old woman with white hair developed acquired yellow hair discoloration (xanthotrichosis) on her scalp after using bacitracin zinc ointment followed by selenium sulfide 2.5% lotion. The yellowing occurred immediately after rinsing the selenium sulfide and faded over 2-5 days with regular shampooing. This case adds to the list of causes for yellow hair discoloration, which includes environmental and occupational exposures, iatrogenic causes from topical and systemic drugs, and malnutrition. The study suggests that the sequential application of bacitracin zinc and selenium sulfide can lead to temporary yellow discoloration in individuals with white hair.
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