Clinical Use of Conditioned Media of Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells in Female Pattern Hair Loss: A Retrospective Case Series Study

    Hyoseung Shin, Hyeong Ho Ryu, Oh Sang Kwon, Byung Joo Park, Seong Jin Jo
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    TLDR ADSC-CM treatment improved hair density and thickness in women with hair loss, safely and effectively.
    This study investigated the use of conditioned media of adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSC-CM) in treating female pattern hair loss (FPHL). The study involved 27 women who received weekly applications of ADSC-CM for 12 weeks. The results showed a significant increase in hair density and thickness after treatment, with no adverse effects reported. The study suggests that ADSC-CM may be a safe and effective treatment option for FPHL.
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