The Biological Effects of a Pulsed Electrostatic Field with Specific Reference to Hair Electrotrichogenesis

    W. Stuart Maddin, P. W. Bell, J James
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    TLDR A pulsed electrical field safely and effectively increased hair growth.
    The document from 1990 reports a study where a pulsed electrical field was used to treat hair loss over 36 weeks, with 30 subjects in the treatment group and 26 in the control group. The treatment group saw a significant 66.1% increase in hair count, with 96.7% of participants experiencing hair regrowth or no further hair loss, while the control group had a 25.6% increase. No side effects were reported. The proposed mechanism for hair regrowth involves an electrophysiologic effect on the hair follicle, possibly due to increased cell mitosis from calcium influx. The study suggests that the pulsed electrical field is a safe and effective hair loss treatment. Additionally, the document discusses the potential of electrical fields to influence cellular behavior and proposes that hair follicles might respond to specific electrical stimulation levels, potentially affecting the hair growth cycle. Further research was deemed necessary to fully understand the process of electrotrichogenesis.
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