Spanlastic-Laden Nanogel for Dermal Delivery of Bimatoprost in Androgenic Alopecia

    Bjad K. Almutairy, El-Sayed Khafagy, Mohammed F. Aldawsari, Abdullah Alshetaili, Hadil Faris Alotaibi, Amr S. Abu Lila
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    TLDR Spanlastic-laden nanogel could be a better way to deliver hair growth medication through the skin for treating hair loss.
    The study explored the use of Spanlastic-laden nanogel for the dermal delivery of Bimatoprost (BIM) in treating androgenic alopecia. The optimized BIM-loaded Spanlastic gel (BIM-SLG) showed a high drug entrapment efficiency of 83.1 ± 2.1%, a zeta potential of -19.9 ± 2.1 mV, a drug release after 12 hours of 71.3 ± 5.3%, and a vesicle size of 364.2 ± 15.8 nm. Ex-vivo and in vivo studies demonstrated that BIM-SLG had superior cutaneous deposition and hair regrowth efficiency compared to pure BIM gel and commercial minoxidil formulations. The study concluded that Spanlastic-laden nanogel could be a potential platform for promoting the dermal delivery of BIM in managing alopecia.
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