SKPs Derive from Hair Follicle Precursors and Exhibit Properties of Adult Dermal Stem Cells

    December 2009 in “ Cell stem cell
    Jeffrey Biernaskie, Maryline Paris, Olena Morozova, B. Matthew Fagan, Marco A. Marra, Larysa Pevny, Freda D. Miller
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    TLDR SKPs are similar to adult skin stem cells and could help in skin repair and hair growth.
    The document from December 2009 presents research on skin-derived precursors (SKPs), which are cells that originate from hair follicle precursors and exhibit properties of adult dermal stem cells. SKPs were found to self-renew, differentiate into various dermal cell types, and contribute to hair follicle formation and dermal maintenance. The study involved transplanting SKPs into the skin of mice and rats, with specific numbers of subjects varying across different experiments (e.g., 8 mice or 12 rats for SKP injections, and 6 adult rat SKPs for hair follicle induction assays). The findings suggest that SKPs could have potential applications in regenerative medicine and hair loss treatments due to their ability to induce hair follicle morphogenesis and aid in wound healing.
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