Prospect of Stem Cell Conditioned Medium in Regenerative Medicine

    January 2014 in “BioMed Research International
    Jeanne Adiwinata Pawitan
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    TLDR Stem cell-derived conditioned medium shows promise for treating various medical conditions but requires standardized production and further validation.
    The document reviewed the potential of stem cell-derived conditioned medium (CM) in regenerative medicine, highlighting its promising results in treating a range of conditions such as alopecia, ischemia, and various organ injuries. It emphasized the need for standardization in CM production and validation of its use, noting that different cells produce different growth factors under varying culture conditions. The review also mentioned that CM has been shown to have beneficial effects, including reduced neuron loss and improved motor functions, but some studies reported no improvement in certain kidney function markers. The effects of culture conditions on growth factor levels in CM were discussed, with hypoxia generally increasing these levels. The document listed several cytokines and growth factors secreted into CM that contribute to disease improvement. The review did not include specific numbers of people as it was not focused on clinical trials but on cell cultures and conditioned media.
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