Porous Gradient Hydrogel Promotes Skin Regeneration by Angiogenesis

    Jingyi Liu, Jingwen Yu, Huiling Chen, Yaping Zou, Yuxiang Wang, Chen Zhou, Lei Tong, Peilei Wang, Tao Liu, Jie Liang, Yong Sun, Xingdong Zhang, Yujiang Fan
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    TLDR The hydrogel helps skin heal by encouraging new blood vessel growth.
    The study successfully developed a bilayer bionic skin scaffold using methacrylated silk fibroin (MASF) through photo-crosslinking. This scaffold mimics the dermis and epidermis, promoting skin regeneration with good mechanical properties, adhesion, biocompatibility, and blood compatibility. The inner layer, composed of MASF, GelMA, and DMA, supports blood vessel and hair follicle formation and regulates the wound microenvironment. The outer layer, made of MASF and tannic acid (TA), provides antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. In vivo tests on BALB/c mice demonstrated effective wound healing, comparable to commercial hemostatic sponges.
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