Optimal Concentration Selection of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in the Cream-Mask Intended for Androgenic Alopecia Treatment According to Experimental Results on Paramecium Caudatum Biological Model

    January 2019 in “ The Pharma Innovation Journal
    Marуanа Fedorovska, N. P. Polovko, Oksana Strilets
    TLDR The best mix for a hair loss treatment cream is 10% Sophora japonica tincture and 5% Serenoa repens extract.
    The study from 2019 aimed to identify the optimal concentrations of active pharmaceutical ingredients in a cream-mask for androgenic alopecia treatment by testing its effects on the single-celled organism Paramecium caudatum. The cream-mask contained Sophora japonica tincture and Serenoa repens dry extract (SRDE). It was found that a concentration of 10% Sophora japonica tincture and 5% SRDE was most effective in prolonging the organism's motor activity in the presence of toxic substances, indicating strong antioxidant properties. Higher concentrations did not significantly enhance this effect and sometimes even reduced it. Thus, the study concluded that the cream-mask with these specific concentrations could be beneficial for treating androgenic alopecia.
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