Non-Hormonal Treatment Options for Regulation of Menstrual Cycle in Adolescents with PCOS

    December 2022 in “ Journal of Clinical Medicine
    Elisabeth Reiser, Julia Lanbach, Bettina Böttcher, Bettina Toth
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    TLDR Medications for glucose metabolism and weight control, combined therapy options, and herbal medicines may help regulate menstrual cycle in adolescents with PCOS.
    The document discusses non-hormonal treatment options for regulating the menstrual cycle in adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It mentions that medications targeting glucose metabolism and weight control may be beneficial in improving menstrual frequency. Metformin shows overall benefit, while GLP-1RA and ROS have conflicting data. The document emphasizes the need for more studies in adolescents with PCOS and mentions the potential of GLP-1-agonists and phytotherapeutic extracts as promising treatment options. It also discusses the role of antiandrogen medication in improving menstrual frequency and the importance of effective contraception. The document concludes that combined therapy options and herbal medicines may have beneficial effects, but more research is needed.
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