New Intranasal and Injectable Gene Therapy for Healthy Life Extension

    Hua Zhu, Jaijyan Dk, Anca Selariu, Ruth Cruz-Cosme, Mingming Tong, Shaomin Yang, George M. Church, D Kekich, Junichi Sadoshima, Qiyi Tang, Elaine Parrish
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    TLDR Gene therapy in mice increased lifespan and improved health without causing cancer.
    The study explored the effects of gene therapy using mouse cytomegalovirus vectors to deliver TERT and FST genes in aged mice. The therapies led to a significant increase in lifespan, with TERT treatment extending life by 41.4% and FST by 32.5%. Mice receiving these treatments also showed improved health markers, including better glucose tolerance, physical performance, and prevention of body mass loss and alopecia. Additionally, the therapies helped maintain telomere length and mitochondrial integrity, which are commonly affected by aging. The treatments were administered safely across multiple organs without causing cancer or other adverse effects. The study, which involved seven groups of eight female C57BL/6J mice, suggests potential human applications for these gene therapies in addressing aging and related diseases. The research was funded by BioViva USA Inc.
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