Minoxidil exerts different inhibitory effects on gene expression of lysyl hydroxylase 1, 2, and 3: Implications for collagen cross-linking and treatment of fibrosis

    June 2005 in “Matrix Biology
    Anne-Marie Zuurmond, Annemarie J. van der Slot-Verhoeven, Ernst A. van Dura, Jeroen de Groot, Ruud A. Bank
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    TLDR Minoxidil affects collagen-related genes, potentially helping treat fibrosis.
    The study investigated the effects of minoxidil on gene expression of lysyl hydroxylases (LH) and collagen cross-linking, which are involved in fibrosis. The researchers found that minoxidil inhibited the expression of LH1, LH2b, and LH3, with the most significant effect on LH1. Minoxidil had the potential to decrease hydroxyallysine cross-link formation, which suggests that it could be used as an anti-fibrosis therapy. The study used fibroblast cultures from healthy dermis, subcutaneous fat, and keloid, and analyzed gene expression using quantitative real-time PCR.
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