Review of Applications of Microneedling in Dermatology

    Christopher Iriarte, Olabola Awosika, Mónica Rengifo‐Pardo, Alison Ehrlich
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    TLDR Microneedling is promising for treating various skin issues but needs more research to confirm its effectiveness and safety.
    The document from 2017 reviews the effectiveness of microneedling (MN) in dermatology, emphasizing its benefits in treating various skin conditions such as atrophic scars, alopecia, actinic keratoses, and pigmentation disorders like melasma. It cites studies showing MN's efficacy, including one with 16 burn patients who reported improved scar appearance, and another with 100 male patients where MN combined with minoxidil was more effective for alopecia than minoxidil alone. MN also enhanced the efficacy of treatments for melasma and periorbital hyperpigmentation. Despite these positive outcomes, the review calls for larger randomized controlled studies to further validate MN's utility, particularly for pigmentation disorders and skin of color. MN is recognized as a promising, cost-effective therapy with minimal adverse events, but the need for future research to establish it as an evidence-based treatment is highlighted. Additionally, while generally well-tolerated, the possibility of side effects such as allergic reactions is noted.
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