Male androgenetic alopecia: Population-based study in 1,005 subjects

    D S Krupa Shankar, M. Chakravarthi, Rachana Shilpakar
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    TLDR 58% of men aged 30-50 have hair loss, with severity increasing with age.
    This study examined the prevalence and pattern of male androgenetic alopecia in a population-based sample of 1,005 men aged 30-50 years. 58% of the participants were found to have AGA, with Grade II being the most common type (27.27%), followed by Grade I (22.12%) and Grade III (21.78%). The prevalence increased with age, while the grade also increased as age went up. 12.9% had grades IV to VI which would benefit from hair transplantation, while 44.1% had grades I to III and are potential candidates for medical treatment.
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