Investigation of the topical application of procyanidin oligomers from apples to identify their potential use as a hair‐growing agent

    December 2005 in “ Journal of cosmetic dermatology
    Tomoya Takahashi, Ayako Kamimura, Masayori Kagoura, Masahiko Toyoda, Masaaki Morohashi
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    TLDR Apple procyanidin applied to the scalp may help grow hair without side effects.
    In a 12-month clinical study from 2005, the topical application of 0.7% apple procyanidin oligomers was investigated for its potential as a hair growth agent in treating male pattern baldness. The double-blind study involved 43 male subjects, with 21 in the procyanidin group and 22 in the placebo control group. After 6 months, the procyanidin group showed a significant increase in the total number of hairs compared to the placebo group (procyanidin: 3.3 ± 13.0 hairs/0.50 cm²; placebo: -3.6 ± 8.1 hairs/0.50 cm²; P < 0.001). The procyanidin group's hair density improved over time, and no adverse side effects were reported, indicating that procyanidin therapy has potential as a hair growth treatment.
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