Higher percentage of CD34+ stem cells and elevated efficacy in androgenetic alopecia treatment observed in CGF prepared from 640 nm laser‐pretreated blood: A preliminary study

    March 2024 in “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
    Guojun Jin, Qin Xiao, Yongzhou Lu, Jing Guo, Dongdong Luan, Chuanlong Jia, Qiannan Xu, Nan Xu
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    TLDR Laser-pretreated blood for hair loss treatment was more effective and increased stem cells.
    A preliminary study involving 10 patients with Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) found that 640 nm laser-pretreated Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) treatment was more effective than CGF treatment alone. The side of the scalp treated with the laser-pretreated CGF showed more new hair growth and fewer malnourished hairs. The study also found a higher percentage of CD34+ stem cells in blood pretreated with the 640 nm laser, suggesting that the laser stimulates the platelets and stem cells of CGF to secrete more growth factors, potentially enhancing the efficacy of CGF treatment for AGA. No adverse events were reported.
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