Hair Pain (Trichodynia): Frequency and Relationship to Hair Loss and Patient Gender

    January 2002 in “ Dermatology
    Barbara Willimann, Ralph M. Trüeb
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    TLDR Hair pain is more common in women with hair loss, but it's not linked to the cause or severity of hair loss.
    The study from 2002 investigated the occurrence of trichodynia, a condition of scalp pain associated with hair loss, in 403 patients (311 females and 92 males). It found that 20% of female patients and 9% of male patients experienced hair pain, which did not correlate with the cause or activity of hair loss. Scalp telangiectasia was observed in a minority of patients and was strongly associated with hair pain. The study concluded that trichodynia is significant among those with hair loss, particularly in females, possibly due to gender differences in pain perception. The management of trichodynia is individualized and includes various treatments such as non-irritating shampoos and medications like corticosteroids and antidepressants. The document highlights that reassuring patients about the non-indicative nature of trichodynia for active hair loss may help alleviate anxiety and improve symptoms.
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