Follicular unit extraction hair transplant.

    May 2010 in “ PubMed
    Aman Dua, Kapil Dua
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    TLDR FUE hair transplants offer minimal scarring and are good for short hairstyles but are time-consuming and can be costly.
    The document reviewed the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant technique, highlighting its benefits of minimal scarring and suitability for patients desiring short hairstyles. It detailed the FUE procedure, including the FOX test, which found 74% of patients to be suitable candidates. Despite its advantages, FUE was noted to have limitations such as a higher transection rate of grafts and a more time-consuming process. The review also mentioned ongoing advancements, including automated and robotic systems, which could improve precision and efficiency but also present challenges like increased costs. The document concluded that FUE is a promising development in hair restoration, with potential for wider adoption as the technique is refined. However, it did not provide specific patient numbers or outcomes, focusing on the procedural aspects of FUE.
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