Finasteride adverse effects in subjects with androgenic alopecia: A possible therapeutic approach according to the lateralization process of the brain

    Ion G. Motofei, David L. Rowland, Simona Roxana Georgescu, Mircea Tampa, Daniela Luiza Baconi, Emil Stefanescu, Bogdan C. Baleanu, Cristian Balalau, Vlad Denis Constantin, Stana Paunica
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    TLDR Finasteride may cause mental and sexual side effects, with hand preference and sexual orientation possibly affecting severity.
    This article discusses the potential adverse effects of finasteride in patients with androgenic alopecia, including mental and sexual disturbances. The study suggests that individual parameters such as hand preference and sexual orientation may be correlated with the occurrence and severity of these side effects. The authors recommend that patients be advised of this risk before finasteride administration and that dermatologists consider these parameters in the therapeutic approach of male androgenic alopecia. Further research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms behind these adverse effects.
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