Dynamic expression patterns of tenascin, proteoglycans, and cell adhesion molecules during human hair follicle morphogenesis

    February 1994 in “ Developmental dynamics
    Elizabeth D. Kaplan, Karen A. Holbrook
    TLDR Specific proteins and molecules play key roles in the development of human hair follicles.
    The study investigated the roles of tenascin, NCAM, E-cadherin, ICAM-1, CSPG, and perlecan in human hair follicle morphogenesis in fetal skin. Tenascin appeared at the epidermal-mesenchymal interface before hair follicle initiation and remained prominent in the follicle sheath. NCAM was initially widespread in the dermis but later localized to the dermal condensation and follicle sheath. E-cadherin was reduced on follicle cells near the basement membrane. ICAM-1 was transiently present during early follicle development. CSPG showed distinct patterns, with one epitope co-distributing with tenascin, another also found on follicle epithelial cells, and a third absent during follicle elongation. Perlecan was concentrated in the dermal papilla and all skin basement membranes. The study proposed a model for the interaction of these molecules in hair follicle development.
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